SFS Students Compete in Cyber 9/12 Competition


Pictured L-R:  Joel Dawson, Adam Minor, Chris Patrick, and Aurora Herriott.  Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Phil Menard

In March 2017, four SFS students participated in the Atlantic Council Cyber 9/12 competition in Washington, DC.  This competition focuses on policy challenges relating to cyber crises and conflicts.  Students must prepare a response to a national, international, or private sector cyber security breach.  This is the third year the University of South Alabama has participated and advanced to semi-final rounds in this competition. 



2018 SFS Scholarship for Service Job Fair

USA Cyber Scholars attended the 2018 Scholarship for Service Job fair January 9 - 11 in Washington, DC.  Students had the opportunity to attend sessions relating to employment in the Federal workforce, met with agency recruiters, and networked with agency officials and Cyber Corps students from across the country.  Several students also interviewed for summer internships and permanent positions. 




Currently USA Cyber Scholars are engaged in research in the following areas:

  • Assessing Vulnerabilities and Risk in Network-Capable Medical Devices
  • Formal Analysis of Security in Internet Voting
  • Assessing Vulnerabilities for In-Vehicle Computer Networks

  • Enhanced Software Security through Program Partitioning

  • Data Collection for Cyber Anomaly Event Detection

  • Assessing ways to deanonymize internet traffic in The Onion Routing network

  • Developing Systems for Increasing Organizational Cyber Situational Awareness

  • Applications and Implementations of Homomorphic Encryption Schemes Over the Integers

  • Assessing Vulnerabilities in Hospital Policy for the Bring Your Own Device Mobile Paradigm
  • Software Security and Data Obfuscation

  • Inherent Bluetooth capabilities and Individual Privacy Risk


Professional Development 

  • Research presentations at weekly Software Protection and Exploitation Group (SPERG) meetings
  • Presentations and participation in the USA Digital Forensics Research Group
  • Conducting tours and presentations for USA Computing Day and USA Day on campus for prospective students
  • Conducting hands-on learning activities for K-12 outreach
  • Participation in cyber competitions such as CCDC, DC3, TAMU, Facebook CTF

  • Attendance at several BSides security conferences



  • Mentoring for BEST Robotics
  • ACM tutoring
  • Conducting hands-on learning activities for K-12 outreach


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